Our company is focused in the creation of a knowledge center

HubsLisbonAzambuja (Hubs) is a knowledge and technology hub that plays an important role as a national economic development agent, welcoming the participation of all companies, especially SMEs, wishing to qualify in the new emerging industry – Industry 4.0. 

It also has the necessary tools to make a strong early stage SMEs. Hubs connects the conception of new companies with the established companies in the market. 

This hub has a multinational business community responsive to the needs of the market and its agents. 

The designation of this hub invokes the culture of partnership associated with technological and creative knowledge. In its genesis was internalized by companies from different sectors, the vital aspect of enabling companies to adopt business transformation in the fourth industrial revolution with gains in competitiveness and efficiency.


HubsLisbonAzambuja has established itself as a center for the creation and sharing of technology and knowledge, with the tools for corporate transformation of companies. It wants to be recognized on the national and international stage for its intervention in the qualification of companies in general and for people in particular as generator of new technological processes that are an asset to companies.


1 – Develop knowledge transfer so that companies increase their technological index, their competitiveness and representativeness in international markets.

2 – Build a knowledge network for companies, led by the search for new solutions, in order to promote and facilitate interaction, be it reactive, proactive and prospective.

3 – Establish a Hub mentality through interaction activities between partners, namely in the form of forums, workshops and awareness actions.

4 – Encourage and support the development of new ideas and develop the entrepreneurial spirit. The purpose is to establish a commitment to Hubs’ mission and the desire to make the development of ideas into successful businesses, contributing to the improvement and well being of society.

5 – Empower companies through the Hubs team, making them culturally strong to survive and succeed in their market.

6 – Maintain a respectful and ethical relationship with Hubs companies and the entire business community as a whole.


In a knowledge-based economy, innovation and creativity, critical factors for development in all societies, especially in the current landscape, it is in this context that Entrepreneurship is born and gained prominence.

We are fully aware that improving the quality of life of the population living in the municipality and its sustainability, goes through:

provide, among others, the development of projects and ideas, taking advantage of the differentiation of the municipality’s natural resources from others;
promote greater entrepreneurial dynamics of companies through business missions;
create an entrepreneurial culture in society and citizens that enables change and instills a culture of continuous learning.

Azambuja's Arc

The Incubator will be contemplated in the strategic orientation that we have named “Azambuja’s Arc”. It will serve to facilitate the creation and growth of innovation-based companies through incubation and spinoff processes by providing other value added services as well as being a space for high quality support services.

The Virtual Side of Us

Through the virtual HUBSLISBON project we intend to act on its dynamic factors of competitiveness, in order to address its weaknesses, reinvigorate its strengths, mitigate threats and seize opportunities, becoming a modern, innovative, technologically evolved entity. efficient and substantially improving the competitiveness of services to partners, businesses and citizens.

Therefor, the present project aims to meet the reforms advocated by both the National Reform Plan (PNR) and Simplex+ contributing to the simplification and approximation measures to the citizen, the dematerialization of processes and the progressive approximation of services to their citizens. direct customers, citizens, citizens and businesses.

The virtual HUBSLISBON AZAMBUJA project aims and promotes:

the digital transformation of relationship processes with citizens and companies
providing digital answering services
the availability of digital marketing and business tools
digital empowerment of citizens and businesses through the use of e-Learning and b-Learning
the provision of a digital communication and promotion space


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