Entrepreneurs' Academy

Develop entrepreneurial mindset

"Entrepreneurs' Academy" is an entrepreneurship education program for high school students
that seeks to develop skills and habits among the younger generation as a way to promote a more innovative and entrepreneurial culture.

Our mission

Develop entrepreneurial mindset

Develop the know-how and hard and soft skills

Develop divergent thinking, creativity and critical thinking

Reinforcing an innovative and entrepreneurial "identity" (self-image)

Create future active agents of the society in which they live

Empower self-confidence to be leaders

Prepare students to deal with the business plan and technical knowledge

and much more...

ABOUT Entrepreneur's Academy


Entrepreneus' Academy is a Hubslisbon Azambuja's program that happened in March 2019.
This event took place at azambuja high school. In the first phase, the students created a prototype of a cable car with study and analysis in materials and price. Finally, the prototypes were presented to potential investors where they should be talked about in the major overviews, costs, building materials, and why they should buy their project instead of the others.
The following sessions focused on developing entrepreneurial mindset, project creation, ideas, creativity, problem solving, and other skills.

Final Results

Degree of Learning

Relevance of the Training

Matching Expectations



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